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Internships: What You Need to Know

An internship is a requirement for graduation at Mitchell Tech in specific programs. An internship is a carefully monitored work or service experience where you will develop specific learning goals and reflect on what you have learned throughout the experience. Like any other class, you will register for an internship, and pay tuition and fees. You will receive a grade for it on your transcript.

How Internships Work

You are encouraged and expected to begin the exploration of internship opportunities during the semester prior to your internship experience and to discuss the possibilities with a potential supervisor.

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What are the benefits and advantages of internships and other related experiences? Find out in this section here.

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How To Apply

When looking for internships, remember that any experience is helpful. Here's what what you need to know about applying for internships.

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Programs Which Require Internships

Find out in this section which Mitchell Tech programs require internships? Find out here.

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