Privacy Statement

Mitchell Technical College acts in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines as set forth by the Department of Education. FERPA allows Mitchell Tech to release “Directory Information” to third parties without student consent. Students may request “Directory Information” be held confidential by filing a privacy request form in the Registrar’s Office. Any educational information not considered “Directory Information” will not be released without written consent from the student. A FERPA release form can be filled out on MyTech under the Forms tab.

Student Rights Under FERPA

  • Students have a right to inspect and review everything in their record, and we must respond to all requests within 45 days.
  • Students have the right to amend their record if they believe something is inaccurate.
  • Students have the right to consent to the disclosure of all non-directory information.
  • Students have the right to file a complaint with the Department of Education if they believe the Institution is in violation of FERPA.
  • This institution must make their policy on FERPA available to students and provide annual notification to their students regarding their rights.

Directory Information

  • Student’s name, address, phone, email
  • Major field(s) of study
  • Dates of enrollment
  • Degree and awards received
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • Information which denotes accomplishments or achievements
  • Individual or group photographs

Additional Information

For additional information on FERPA, visit the U.S Department of Education website.