Transfer Students

At Mitchell Tech, we are working to make your life a little easier—as easy as 1-2-3! Your college credit from an accredited university or technical institute may be transferred to Mitchell Tech in three easy steps.

You can be accepted, registered and on your way in very short time! Don’t make transferring hard—Mitchell Tech makes it as easy as 1-2-3!

Mitchell Technical College Policy On Receiving Transferred Credits

Students transferring credits to Mitchell Tech from other post-secondary institutions will be individually evaluated to determine courses needed to complete a diploma or degree. A transfer student may have previous coursework accepted to fulfill Mitchell Tech course and graduation requirements according to the following criteria:

Transfer Steps:

1.  Apply. Fill out the online application.

2. Request. Have your transcript from your last school sent to Mitchell Tech.

3. Talk. Talk to one of our helpful admissions representatives. They can evaluate your coursework and tell you which courses transfer.

  • Official transcripts must be submitted for use in assessing courses and credits for transfer from accredited institutions. 
  • A grade of C or better (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) shall be required in each course accepted in transfer. Transfer credits do not count toward a cumulative GPA. Courses in the major area of study completed more than five (5) years previously may not be accepted for transfer. The grade recorded on the student’s academic record will be “CR” (credit).
  • Technical related courses shall be reviewed by the appropriate department(s) and the Registrar to determine course equivalence and acceptance. Partial credit may be awarded for courses that do not meet all competencies of an Mitchell Tech course. Students will be required to take the course, but at a reduced cost. Courses outside of Mitchell Tech’s areas of study will not be accepted for transfer.
  • The Registrar will determine course equivalencies to meet Mitchell Tech’s general education requirements in communications, mathematics, social sciences, behavioral sciences, and computer literacy.
  • Transfer students must complete a minimum of 25% of their coursework credits, at Mitchell Tech to earn a degree or diploma.
  • To transfer credit, an Application for Admission must be on file and a student must have accepted status before credits will be transcribed.