General Ed Requirements

General Education is that part of our students’ education that goes beyond learning technical skills and allows students to become well-rounded, higher-functioning citizens of the world. As a college of higher learning, we are committed to the inherent value of general education and know that critical thinking ability, communication skills, information literacy, math and problem-solving skills, and more, are crucial for our graduates’ success in their future technical careers. We also recognize that an associate’s degree or diploma at Mitchell Technical College must mean something more than job skills. Our students must become lifelong learners with the ability to adapt to a changing world and ever-increasing job expectations. To this end, general education learning outcomes that all Mitchell Tech graduates should possess have been identified as follows:


General Education Learning Outcomes


General education classes are charged on a per-credit basis. Cost per credit is as follows:

  • Tuition: $116
  • State Fees: $41
  • Local Fees: $53
  • Total cost per credit: $210

Students will apply essential processes and analyses through performing computations and demonstrating knowledge and application of measurement, formulas, and problem-solving.


Students will use computer technology to access, organize, and communicate information.


Students will write effectively and responsibly and will understand and interpret the written expressions of others, as well as communicate orally through listening and speaking.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Students will analyze differences and commonalities across multicultural perspectives to work successfully in a diverse society.

Student Success

Student success provides a foundation for a successful transition to higher education and the world of work.

Both diploma and Associate of Applied Science degree candidates must successfully complete general education requirements as listed in the Mitchell Tech General Catalog and Student Handbook. 

Check out the 2021-22 Annual Program Review for information on how Mitchell Tech assures that its students are attaining general education learning outcomes.