High School Counselors

Guidance counselors, you know what an important role you play in assisting students with their post-high school choices. At Mitchell Tech, we value you and want to make your job a little easier. In this section you will find helpful information that will guide you in answering many of your students’ questions about Mitchell Tech.

You and your students will also find helpful info in the Admissions section of our website.

College Codes:

ACT: 4958
Financial Aid: 008284


The admissions process at Mitchell Tech is fairly simple. Students can apply online or complete a paper application form that we can supply to your office or directly to the student.


Tech Camps at Mitchell Technical College Tech Camps are an opportunity for students and instructors to visit the programs at Mitchell Tech.


Explore Your Future at Mitchell Technical College!


The goal of the Career Expo is to expose students, along with parents, educators, and community members, to the technical skills needed to be successful in businesses and industries located in the Mitchell region

Take a look around. If you don’t see the information you need, please email us:

Vice President for Enrollment Services