Admissions Process

Admission to Mitchell Tech is granted based on certain criteria. In cases where special consideration is needed, the ultimate decision regarding the admission of a student rests with the admissions committee consisting of Admissions personnel, the Director of Admissions, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs or designee and an instructor. The committee may consider high school GPA and class rank, a personal interview, college GPA (if applicable), GED test scores (if applicable) and entrance examination scores in determining a candidate’s admission status. The goal of the Admissions Committee is to accept students who can master the training and education at Mitchell Tech. Admission criteria is available in the Admissions Office.

College Codes:

ACT: 4958
Financial Aid: 008284

Some programs may have added requirements. Students who do not take the ACT test may substitute the ACCUPLACER examination at Mitchell Tech. ACT scores will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and the Committee will determine if a student needs to complete the ACCUPLACER or if the ACT score will be accepted in lieu of that test.

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