The Oak Room

The Oak Room is known throughout South Dakota as a fine dining opportunity not to be missed! It is an integral part of the Culinary Academy at Mitchell Technical College. Located in the Mitchell Tech Campus Center at 1800 East Spruce Street, this elegant dining room will help you create a memorable meal experience! Both for personal and business, the Oak Room is the perfect space to hold your next lunch.

Reservations are required.

Call 605.995.7169 for reservations.

Special note: Patrons are requested to be seated by 11:30 AM to accommodate students’ instructional schedules. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Oak Room has been in operation since 1969 and has been directed by five Culinary Arts Department Heads: Ernst Wirt, John Weber, Randy Doescher, Jim Wagner, Josh Kranz, and current department head Tim Goldammer. Approximately 10 to 20 students work on the Oak Room staff each year serving approximately 2,000 meals. Students rotate responsibilities and serve as chef, waiter, bus person, etc. each day. Graduates of the Culinary Academy work in many occupational fields including head chefs, sous chefs, kitchen managers, food service managers, restaurant managers, etc.

For reservations and availability, please call 605.995.7169 or email Tim Goldammer.

The Menu

Our second-year students are finalizing all the weekly Oak Room menus. Please check Mitchell Tech’s Facebook page for updated menus and dates they will be served.

All patrons will enjoy a variety of complimentary breads and rolls.

Beverages including soda, freshly squeezed lemonade, coffee, tea, and milk are also available for purchase.


  • Takoyaki
    • Grilled corn and cheese puff garnished with fish threads and housemade sauce. Accompanied by housemade pickled ginger.
  • Pork Gyoza
    • Crispy pork and cabbage-filled dumplings. Accompanied by housemade umami dipping sauce.
  • Potato Cake
    • Chewy pan-fired potato cakes topped with a sweet glaze.


  • Sushi
    • Two pieces of salmon ‘nigiri’, mango ‘caviar’, and a sweet omelet. Your choice of side.
  • Korean BBQ Steak
    • Ribeye glazed with housemade Korean BBQ sauce, garnished with seaweed foam. Your choice of side.
  • Pork Ramen
    • Housemade noodles in an umami chicken soy broth. Garnished with bean sprouts, juicy pork slices, soft boiled egg, and housemade fish cakes. Your choice of side.
  • Chicken Katsu
    • Crispy chicken cutlet over a bed of finely shredded cabbage with a drizzle of housemade Tonkatsu sauce. Your choice of side.


  • Japanese House Salad
    • Crisp romaine, carrot, cucumber, and plump tomatoes with a sweet housemade carrot and ginger dressing.
  • White Rice
    • Fluffy white jasmine rice.
  • Fried Rice
    • Classic egg fried rice.
  • Tempura
    • Vegetables coated in a light and crispy batter.

Dessert of the Day, changes with season product availability and is different every day.

Ask your server about the Dessert of the Day!