Registered Nursing (LPN to RN)

The Current Student Scholarship Application is now open until November 15th. Make sure you complete the general application and answer all the questions at If you are a full-time dual credit student, you are not eligible for these scholarships. Please contact Robin Jacobsen with any questions.



Forty And Eight Voiture 481 Nurse Training Scholarship

Forty and Eight Voiture 481

La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux (The Society of Forty Men and Eight Horses), is an independent, invitation only, honor society of American veterans and service members; more commonly known as The Forty and Eight. The Forty and Eight is committed to charitable and patriotic aims. Our purpose is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, to promote the well-being of veterans, their widows, widowers and orphans, and to actively participate in selected charitable endeavors, which include programs that promote child welfare and nurses training. The titles and symbols of The Forty and Eight are derived from the experiences of U.S. troops during World War I. American soldiers were transported to the front on the French rail system. Cramped into narrow gauge boxcars, each stenciled with "40 Hommes/8 Chevaux", denoting its capacity to hold either 40 men or 8 horses. The Forty and Eight was founded in 1920 by American veterans returning from France. Originally an arm of the American Legion, the Forty and Eight became an independent and separately incorporated veteran's organization in 1960. 2 scholarships for LPN program. 2 scholarships for LPN to RN.
Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)
Registered Nursing (LPN to RN)
Applicant must be a fulltime student enrolled in the Licensed Practical Nursing Program or LPN-RN program Applicant must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher Applicant must be in good academic standing with the program Recommendations may be requested from program instructors Applicant must complete the MTC Online application during the open application period to be eligible to receive this scholarship.



Avera Queen of Peace Endowed Scholarships

Avera Queen of Peace

Avera Queen of Peace is a leading supporter and partner of Mitchell Technical College. An endowment was established in 2002 and now provides scholarships each year to MTC's Health Science programs. The scholarships will be awarded in January each year and applied to recipient's accounts the following Fall semester.
Health Sciences
Human Services Technician
Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)
Medical Assistant
Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Office Professional
Radiation Therapy
Radiologic Technology
Registered Nursing (LPN to RN)
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Applicant must be a first year full time student enrolled in any MTC Health Sciences program Applicant must complete the MTC Online application to be eligible to receive this scholarship