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Fun-filled Math Exploratory Day

Three elementary teachers at Gertie Belle Rogers received a grant to explore technical education. MTI instructors and administrators have been working on this all year and are wrapping up details for a fun-filled exploratory day on Wednesday, May 15 with 60 3rd-5th grade math students.

Eric Schramm, Brian Roberts, Seth Weeman, Devon Russell, Josh Kranz and Janelle Guericke provided fun-filled lessons surrounding their programs. Some of the tasks included using math to calculate quantities in a recipe and eat delicious cookies baked from that recipe (math in Culinary careers); learning ag-market-based calculations (math in Ag Business careers); calculations to determine physical characteristics of a wind blade (math in energy careers); flying a drone (math in GPS/GIS careers); and a construction activity integrating measurements and angles (math in construction careers).

We are excited to work with younger students and hope to spark that Tech Ed and STEM career interest they will carry with them throughout their primary and secondary educational experiences.


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