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Board Policies

Series 100 Foundations and Basic Commitments

MTI 101 Postsecondary Technical Education

MTI 105 Identity and Publications Policy

MTI 110 Vision, Mission, and Core Values

MTI 112 Nondiscrimination Policy

MTI 113 Drug Free Workplace

MTI 114 Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990

MTI 115 Harassment

MTI 116 Equal Opportunity

MTI 117 Sexual Violence Response

Series 200 Board Governance and Operations

MTI 201 School Board Legal Status

MTI 208 Conflict of Interest Disclosure and  Authorization

MTI 233 Board Policy Development

MTI 235 Administration in the Absence of Policy

Series 300 General School Administration

MTI 301 The Purpose and Goals of Administration

MTI 302 The Administrative Team

MTI 303 The Administrative Structure

MTI 310 Board Policy Implementation

MTI 311 Formulation of Administrative Procedures and Regulations

MTI 312 Dissemination of Administrative Regulations

MTI 321 Emergency Closings

MTI 330 Mitchell Technical Institute Advisory Council

MTI 331 Program Advisory Committees

Series 400 Fiscal Management

MTI 401 Fiscal Management Goals

MTI 410 Annual Budget

MTI 411 Budget Deadlines and Schedules

MTI 412 Budget Adoption Procedures

MTI 413 Budget Transfer Authority

MTI 414 Fiscal Year

MTI 420 Borrowing Authority and Limitations

MTI 421 Revenues from Investments

MTI 422 Funding Proposals and Applications

MTI 423 Revenues from Non-Tax Sources - Tuition

MTI 430 Purchasing

MTI 431 Bidding Requirements

MTI 432 Purchasing Procedures

MTI 433 Payment Procedures

MTI 435 Salary Deducations - All Employees

MTI 436 Expense Reimbursement

MTI 437 Credit Card Use

MTI 441 Bonded Employees and Officials

MTI 442 Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

MTI 443 Types of Funds

MTI 444 Audits

MTI 445 Petty Cash Accounts

MTI 446 Incidental Accounts

MTI 447 Cash in School Buildings

MTI 448 Fixed Asset Capitalization

MTI 449 School Properties Disposal Procedures

MTI 461 Foundation - Designation as Agent

Series 500 Support Services

MTI 514 Student Communicable Diseases

MTI 518 Smoke Free Schools

MTI 521 Buildings and Grounds Security

MTI 522 Buildings and Grounds Access

MTI 523 Buildings and Grounds Inspections

MTI 524 Vandalism

MTI 525 Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

MTI 526 Energy Conservation

MTI 551 Fair Use Guidelines

MTI 561 Insurance Management

Series 600 Facilities Development

MTI 601 Facilities Development Goals

MTI 641 Educational Specifications for School Buildings

MTI 642 Selection of an Architect

MTI 643 Facilities Development Plans and Specifications

MTI 644 Construction Cost Estimates and Determinations

MTI 646 Contractor's Fair Employment Clause

MTI 647 Contractor's Affidavits and Guarantees

MTI 648 Supervision of Construction

Series 700 Personnel

MTI 701 Personnel Policies Goals

MTI 702 Contract and Personnel Handbook

MTI 713 Employee Grievance Procedures

MTI 741 Employee Communicable Diseases

MTI 742 Reporting Child Abuse

MTI 743 Drug Free Workplace

MTI 744 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources

MTI 745 Criminal Background Process

MTI 746 Rights of Employees to Run for Political Office

MTI 747 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Drivers

MTI 751 Private Enterprise Acceptable Conduct

MTI 752 Intellectual Property

Series 800 Negotiations

MTI Series 800 policies regarding employee associations and negotiations were removed June 26, 2017, due to implementation of South Dakota legislation (HB 1184) on July 1, 2017. MTI is in the process of determining whether new policies are needed to address employee contract collaboration in lieu of formal negotiations.

Series 900 Instruction

MTI 931 Teaching about Religion

MTI 934 Academic Freedom

MTI 936 Student Organizations

MTI 937 Student Publications

MTI 976 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources

MTI 977 Distance Education

MTI 978 Program Continuation Review

MTI 991 Graduation Requirements

MTI 992 Credit Hour System

MTI 996 Receiving Transferred Credits

MTI 997 Academic Probation, Suspension

MTI 998 Satisfactory Academic Progress

Series 1000 Students

MTI 1001 Student Policies Goals

MTI 1002 Equal Educational Opportunities

MTI 1003 Student Handbook/Catalog

MTI 1013 Admission Requirements

MTI 1014 Required Immunizations

MTI 1021 Student Attendance

MTI 1033 Weapons Possession

MTI 1035 Drug-Free Campus

MTI 1036 Non-academic Probation, Suspension, and Expulsion

MTI 1042 Student Interrogations, Searches, and Arrests

MTI 1043 Prohibition of Corporal Punishment

MTI 1044 Student Due Process

MTI 1045 Student Complaints and Appeals

MTI 1046 Student Discrimination Grievance Policy and Procedures

MTI 1061 Student Records

MTI 1084 Fundraising Projects

MTI 1086 Participation in Student Activities

MTI 1087 Student Travel

Series 1100 School-Community Relations

MTI 1112 Public's Right to Know

MTI 1142 Facility Usage Fees

MTI 1143 Facility Usage - Use of Alcohol

Series 1200 Education Agency Relations

MTI 1221 Request to Conduct Research

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