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Build Dakota Scholarship


Free-Ride! scholarship could have your name on it.

Qualify for a full ride scholarship by enrolling in an eligible program. Application period is open January 1 - March 31, 2019.

Choose a program eligible for a Build Dakota Scholarship and your two-year program can be completely covered by this scholarship including tuition, fees, books and tools.

Build Dakota Scholarships will be awarded to students entering high-need workforce programs at South Dakota’s technical institutes to fill the state’s technical careers with skilled professionals. These full-ride scholarships will support tuition, fees, books and other required program expenses in an eligible program. You must be accepted into the program to be eligible.

Both in-state students and out-of-state students of any age are eligible for the scholarships. Recipients of the scholarships will commit to living and working in the state, in their field of study, for three years following graduation (or you’ll pay the scholarship back). As a Build Dakota Scholar, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

APPLY HERE (Please log into your AwardSpring account to start your scholarship application.):

Questions? Call the MTI Admissions Office at 1-800-684-1969, (605) 995-3025 or email [email protected].

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