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Student Alert System

Your success is more than just earning passing grades. It’s about thriving in all aspects of your life—academic, personal, social, and career. At Mitchell Tech, we understand that many things can interfere with a student’s progress toward their degree, and that’s why we monitor the success of our students through Mitchell Tech’s Student Alert System.

The Student Alert System offers instructors and staff a way to quickly notify the appropriate personnel when they are concerned about a student. Once an alert has been submitted, the Dean of Student Success will determine the best course of action for following up with the student regarding the concern.

In most cases, the student's Student Success Coach will be responsible for working with the student to develop a strategy for improvement and for connecting them with the needed resources. This form of notification gives all involved the opportunity to intervene and support students earlier, providing a greater likelihood for degree completion and program success.

What is a student alert?

A student alert is a message sent by instructors and staff members through the Student Alert System to indicate an academic, attendance, social, personal or financial concern about a student. The goal is to connect students to appropriate resources that will help them to overcome any barriers to success.

What are the benefits of Mitchell Tech’s Student Alert System?

  • Provides a centralized location for student concerns through an online student alert form
  • Offers a more effective system of supporting student success
  • Streamlines confidential reporting and communication
  • Are viewed only by the appropriate personnel based on their role at Mitchell Tech and on the type of alert submitted.

When is a student alert submitted?
While not exhaustive, the following list provides the most common reasons a student alert may be submitted:

  • Poor attendance or tardiness
  • No assignments or late assignments submitted
  • Missed tests or quizzes
  • Poor scores or performance on tests, quizzes or assignments
  • Low mid-term progress report or evaluation
  • Failing a course
  • Stopped attending courses (without dropping or withdrawing)
  • Low levels of class participation
  • Academic or personal difficulties interfering with classroom success
  • Observable changes in behavior or appearance
  • Mateya Berg

    Student Success Coach and Section 504/Disabilities Coordinator


  • Kellie Nielsen

    Student Success Coach & Counselor


  • Scott Fossum

    Vice President of Operations & Human Resources; Title IX Coordinator


  • Danita Lucas

    Director of Student Success


  • Jessica Deinert

    Student Success Coach & Counselor


  • Whitney Bruinsma

    Student Success Coach


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