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Student Life

The Center for Student Success

It is the purpose of The Center for Student Success to provide students with the services and support necessary to fulfill their educational, personal, and career goals.

The Dean of Student Success, three Student Success Coaches, and the Career Services and Advising Director are all available to work with students to find solutions to their academic, personal, counseling and career-related questions.

Services provided include:

  • Help with academic coursework, including tutoring, study aids, research databases, print resources (i.e. textbooks, newspapers, etc.) and electronic media
  • Assistance with course scheduling, program changes, graduation requirements, and withdrawing from a program or class
  • Coaching for students to help them work through academic, personal, and career-related challenges
  • Counseling services related to mental health and personal concerns
  • Advising and academic success plans
  • Disability and Learning Services
  • Guidance on career decisions, internship selection, job searches, resumes, and interviews
  • Information about Mitchell Tech’s Student Representative Board and other Mitchell Tech clubs and activities
  • Printing, copying and scanning services
  • Computer access, including Internet, email, MyTech and application software
  • Guidance on where to access important campus services, such as financial aid, Business Office, scholarships, etc.
  • Information about off-campus resources, such as housing, healthcare, transportation, financial sources, student discounts, available memberships, childcare and other support services.

Student Alert System

Your success is more than just earning passing grades. It’s about thriving in all aspects of your life—academic, personal, social, and career.

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Tutoring at Mitchell Tech

The Center for Student Success has students available to tutor in various areas and subjects. Regular tutoring sessions are held throughout the week for general education classes as well as advanced classes.

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Copyright & Plagiarism

Copyright laws were passed by Congress to encourage creativity by ensuring that authors and creators receive credit and financial compensation for their work so that if you make or write something, others cannot just give it away.

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Research Resources

Internet Research Databases offer a wide variety of online resources such as ProQuest, InfoTrac and EBSCO are available.

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Student Life