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Student Representative Board (SRB)

Student Rep Board belongs to you, Mitchell Tech students!  At their regular meetings, these dedicated student leaders discuss issues of importance to Mitchell Tech students, develop and promote campus activities, and most of all, have a lot of fun!

SRB encourages you to keep up with what they are doing by checking back here frequently and reading the meeting minutes.

If you have ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact a board member or an advisor!


2020-21 SRB Members

  • Dakota Schaetz, Substation, Student Body President
  • Leah Rehder, Animal Science, Vice-President
  • Mallory Bohr, Human Services Technican, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Rachel Muth, Medical Office Professional, Marketing/Social Media Liaison
  • Grace Brechtel, Human Services Technican
  • Shannon Brown, Med Lab
  • Thomas Gors, SCADA
  • Wendy Hernandez, Culinary
  • Macy LaPlante, Animal Science
  • Tristan Sawyer-Kociemba, Power Line
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Student Life