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Technical Studies

Mitchell Technical College now offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Technical Studies. The degree is designed to be a flexible option for students seeking career advancement by earning an associate’s degree: past graduates of technical institute diploma or certificate programs; individuals in the workforce, with or without formal postsecondary education, whose experience and skills gained on the job can translate to postsecondary credit; and others, with or without prior formal postsecondary education, whose career objectives cannot be met through the completion of any single technical program offered at one of the four technical institutes.

The Technical Studies AAS degree will provide South Dakotans a practical, efficient pathway to a college degree and the upskilling required for job advancement. The Technical Studies degree is earned through completion of an existing technical institute diploma or approved certificate and completed by stacking a combination of credits awarded for general education and technical credits earned at the technical institute. The student has the ability to lattice into a customized degree by choosing courses in business or management or additional technical courses that will enhance the student’s overall skills, certifications, and value in the workplace.

The student will be required to meet the minimum requirements of 25%, or the college’s requirement if higher, of their total program must be earned at the individual technical college offering the degree.

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