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SD Board of Education Meeting at MTI This Week

The South Dakota Board of Education will meet Monday, November 29, at the MTI Technology Center at 1800 E. Spruce Street.

On the agenda is a proposal for a new program at MTI, Precision Technology Specialist.  The program would train students in the use of GPS, GIS, geospatial mapping and other technology for use in diverse career areas like agriculture, utilities, construction, and automation.  The program would start in Fall 2011 with 15 students.

A new program proposed by Lake Area Technical Institute is an entrepreneurship program.  Three different versions of the program would last from 11 to 20 months in length.  The program would start in Fall 2011 with 18 to 20 students to start.

Mark Wilson, director of the SD Office of Curriculum, Career and Technical Education, will propose an increase in student fees at all four technical institutes.  The request is for a $1 per credit annual increase to the facility fees until 2015 and a $1 per credit fee for maintenance and repairs in 2011-12 and 2013-14.

The additional revenue is intended to pay for construction and upkeep of new buildings being constructed or planned at the institutes.

The meeting begins at 10:00 AM.


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