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Tuition & Fees


The tuition is set by the South Dakota Board of Education. Tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration. However, to accommodate first-time borrowers, accounts will not become delinquent until after the 30th day of the semester. There is no difference between resident and non-resident tuition. For current tuition and fee information, download a copy of the cost sheet here.

Tuition Deposit

If a program is fully enrolled, students already accepted into that program may be required to pay a $100 tuition deposit to maintain their enrollment status. The deposit will be credited to a student’s account and deducted from the total amount owed when the first billing statement is issued. Students not paying the deposit by the specified date will forfeit their place in the program. The deposit will be refunded if the request is received at MTI in writing 30 days prior to the start of the program.

Additional Expenses

Students are required to purchase designated book, supplies, tools and uniforms as assigned by the instructor in each course. Most programs specify tools and/or uniforms that are characteristic of the occupation for which the student is enrolled. Many of these materials can be purchased at the MTI Bookstore. In some cases, students will be advised to purchase tools at MTI-sponsored tool fairs. Refer to the MTI Estimated Costs brochure for more detailed information.

Students who enroll need to prepare for some initial expenses at the start of the term. Books, supplies, and tools will be required for all classes. MTI and the MTI Bookstore do not allow advances or charging of items from the Bookstore (except with a credit card). Financial aid loans are not available to first time borrowers until the 30th day of the term. Please budget accordingly when making your school plans.

Refund Policy

Students who leave the Institute and desire a financial refund of tuition should see the Student Handbook for details.

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