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Credit for Prior Learning

Prior learning, sometimes called experiential learning, is knowledge that is obtained outside the college setting prior to entering or returning to college. This nontraditional learning is generally acquired through work experience, travel, workshop or conference participation, advanced high school courses, volunteer work, in-service training, military training, adult or continuing education, recreational activities or hobbies, self-initiated reading and study, and involvement in professional organizations. In other words, prior learning describes the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired while living your life that may earn you credits towards your degree or diploma at Mitchell Tech.

Mitchell Technical College does not award credit for experience alone. Credit for prior learning is awarded for verifiable skills and learning gained through the experience. Achievements can be evaluated by completing standardized tests, challenging courses or completing a prior learning portfolio with accompanying documentation. Fees may apply as described below.

Credit for Prior Learning Policies

Advanced Placement (AP) Examination

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

DSST/Prometric Exam

Professional Certifications

Military Experience

American Council on Education (ACE)

Established Mitchell Tech Tests for Credit

Challenge Tests for Credit

Prerequisite Waiver

Individualized Prior Learning Portfolios

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