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Geospatial Technologies

Career Opportunities

  • GPS Technician
  • Spatial Analyst
  • Survey Field Technician
  • Mapping Technician
  • GIS Specialist

Average Salary: $46,200

A higher median wage of $51,720 is documented for mapping technicians.

100% Job Placement Rate

The demand for new employees in GPS, GIS, geospatial mapping and data management is expanding in many industries. A skilled workforce to support the growing industry of mapping technology is needed. This one-year program includes courses in computers, GPS (Global Positioning Systems), data collection, CAD and GIS applications and analysis. Combining aspects of engineering, business, agriculture, energy, and technology, this program will meet current and future industry needs.

Career opportunities will include positions like GPS technician, survey technician, field technician, mapping technician, GIS specialist and more. Knowledge of this equipment and data is vital to people in mining; oil and gas extraction; utilities and communication; construction; manufacturing; transportation; land, water and wildlife management; and personnel who work with data transfer and map production.  

Students in this program may combine one year of Geospatial Technologies with one year of Power Line Construction and Maintenance, and with additional general education courses, will earn an AAS degree.

Additional Info

Graduates with skills produced in the program would find employment in a variety of fields and positions; the occupational code does not fully represent all job titles where graduates would find employment so provides an incomplete picture of the job outlook. Mitchell Tech has consistently heard from its advisory boards across many industries that there are not enough technicians skilled in GPS/GIS and mapping technologies. Their companies are increasingly relying on these technologies for planning, development, and maintenance activities within their respective industries. We anticipate graduates of the Geospatial Technologies program to be employed in a variety of industries: mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction; utilities and communication; construction; manufacturing; transportation; and forestry and water resources.

*Placement data is gathered through graduate surveys, faculty-collected data, and phone surveys started after six months of graduation. In 2021, 8 of the 8 graduates are represented in the data. Employment rate is figured by: (graduates employed)/(responding graduates who are seeking employment).

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