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Animal Science

Career Opportunities

  • Animal Care Technician
  • Vet Assistant
  • Breeding Manager
  • Feed Lot Manager
  • Feed Sales Representative
  • Insurance
  • Livestock Consultant
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Farm/Ranch Management

100%* Job Placement Rate

Producers whose livelihoods depend upon the production of animals that are safe and healthy for consumption are a vital part of today’s modern food culture.  Students who study Animal Science will learn the most efficient ways to breed and manage herds to ensure the sustainability of the animals and the environment.

Mitchell Tech’s highly qualified instructors, including a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, will teach a variety of classes including management, breeding, genetics, nutrition, disease, growth and feed production.  Students will also become proficient in related areas like accounting, ag law, insurance, finance and other areas that will help them succeed.

Another feature of this program is an animal lab available to students.  This working beef production facility allows students access to cattle from birth to sale and helps students learn not only the hands-on labor needed to maintain a beef herd, but also the marketing process for making a profit.

Graduates will find work in many areas of agriculture including farms, ranches, feedlots, genetics and breeding, sales, marketing and livestock handling.

Additional Info

*Placement data is gathered through graduate surveys, faculty-collected data, and phone surveys started after six months of graduation. In 2021, 12 of the 12 graduates are represented in the data. Employment rate is figured by: (graduates employed)/(responding graduates who are seeking employment).

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