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Student Responsibilities

Students have the following responsibilities:

It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the provisions of the handbook and the operating policies of the College and the student’s department.

It is also a student’s responsibility to:

  • Review and consider all information about the college's program before enrolling.
  • Complete all application forms accurately and submit them on time to the appropriate office.
  • Students have the responsibility for selecting a major field of study, for choosing an appropriate degree program within the discipline, for planning class schedules, and ultimately for meeting the requirements for his/her degree.
  • Mitchell Tech will provide advisers to assist students in academic planning, but students are responsible for obtaining copies of appropriate academic bulletins and being thoroughly familiar with all academic requirements that must be met for a degree. Students also have the responsibility to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented by the Institute, to participate in the learning process in a serious and conscientious manner, and to respect the rights of other members of the MTC community.

Students attending Mitchell Technical College are expected to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth in this handbook and as prescribed by individual departments. Additionally, students are expected to uphold local, state, and federal laws.

Students may have their enrollment status suspended at Mitchell Tech for academic deficiencies (unsatisfactory progress), nonpayment of fees, and when their presence in the college causes disruption in the teaching/learning process or delivery of classes. The suspension process includes the right to due process as outlined in the student grievance procedure.

Any student having unpaid bills at Mitchell Tech will not be allowed to register in any new term during the period in which that bill remains unsettled. Indebtedness includes unpaid amounts for tuition, books, fees, locker keys, library, parking, shop/laboratories, and any other charges incurred by the student and owed to the college. Grades, transcripts, diplomas, degrees, and certificates will not be issued until the indebtedness is settled.

Students should pay special attention to and accurately complete applications for student financial aid. Errors can result in long delays in receipt of financial aid. Intentional misreporting of information on application forms for federal financial aid is a violation of law and is considered a criminal offense subject to penalties under the U.S. Criminal Code. Please pay particular attention to the following:

  • Return all additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by either the financial aid office or the agency to which the application was submitted.
  • Read and understand all forms signed and keep copies of them.
  • Accept responsibility for all agreements signed.
  • If a student has a loan, the lender must be notified of changes in name, address, or school status.
  • Perform the work that is agreed upon in accepting a College Work Study award.
  • Know and comply with the deadlines for application or reapplication for aid.
  • Know and comply with the school's refund procedures.

Mitchell Technical College recognizes the right of individuals to select their own attire. However, the school also carries a responsibility to the industries for which students are being educated. Therefore, dress and appearance in classroom and laboratories will conform to industry standards. This may require the wearing of uniforms in some instances. Uniforms will be at the student's expense. Unsafe or unsanitary dress will not be allowed.

Class breaks will be held in the cafeteria or commons area at specified times during the day. Food and beverages should be consumed in the cafeteria or commons area. Due to the nature of the technology located in Mitchell Tech classrooms and labs, students are strongly discouraged from consuming food or beverages outside of the cafeteria. Cooperation in keeping the cafeteria or commons area clean at all times is requested.

Cell phone use is inappropriate in classrooms and laboratories. Most departments have policies regarding cell phones. Personal calls should be made outside of classroom/lab areas. If possible, student calls are to be placed with cell phones or at public telephones. Instructional and administrative office telephones are not for student use. Emergency phone calls will only be relayed to the student if the caller has identified him/herself and the nature of the call. Messages will be taken for students and posted on the electronic message board in the cafeteria and/or passed on to the respective student’s department. It is the student's responsibility to check the message board regularly.

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