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Rights & Responsibilities

As members of the Mitchell Tech community, students have both rights and responsibilities.


The most essential student right is the right to competent instruction under conditions conducive to learning. The most important responsibilities are to respect the rights of other members of the community and to conform to standards essential to the purposes and processes of the Institute. The Institute should endeavor to provide for students those privileges, opportunities, and protections which best promote the learning process in all its aspects. The following statement outlines those academic rights of students essential in helping Mitchell Tech fulfill this responsibility. These principles found are designed to facilitate communication, foster academic integrity, and defend freedoms of inquiry, discussion, and expression among members of the Mitchell Tech community. Such principles should safeguard and enhance conditions conducive to learning, and will serve as a guide for students, faculty, and administrators involved in programs of instruction and classroom activities.

Mitchell Technical College is committed to serving a wide spectrum of people. Access to the programs and services of the Institute should be governed by the following principles: Within the limitations of its facilities, resources, and personnel, the Institute should be open to all persons who are qualified according to admissions standards. Students should not be refused access to any course of study on the grounds of their beliefs or the possible uses to which they may put the knowledge to be gained in a course. Students are responsible for representing themselves truthfully and accurately at all times. Providing false or misleading information to gain admission to or advancement in a program or course of study violates this responsibility and may result in forfeiture of a student’s right to access to an academic program.

Student Rights

Students have the right to exercise their full rights as citizens without interference or fear of college disciplinary action.

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Student Responsibilities

It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the provisions of the handbook and the operating policies of the College and the policies of the College and the student’s department.

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Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Policies

Alcohol and drugs are prohibited in all campus facilities and at all MTC-sponsored events. Mitchell Technical College is a drug-free workplace and a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus. Smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of entrances.

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Important Information

Students who enroll need to prepare for some initial expenses at the start of the term. Books, supplies, and tools will be required for all classes. Find out here what all you'll need.

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