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The Oak Room

The Oak Room is known throughout South Dakota as a fine dining opportunity not to be missed! It is an integral part of the Culinary Academy at Mitchell Technical College. Located in the Mitchell Tech Campus Center at 1800 East Spruce Street, this elegant dining room will help you create a memorable meal experience!

The Oak Room has been in operation since 1969 and has been directed by five Culinary Arts Department Heads: Ernst Wirt, John Weber, Randy Doescher, Jim Wagner, and current department head Josh Kranz. Approximately 10 to 20 students work on the Oak Room staff each year serving approximately 2,000 meals. Students rotate responsibilities and serve as chef, waiter, bus person, etc. each day. Graduates of the Culinary Academy work in many occupational fields including head chefs, sous chefs, kitchen managers, food service managers, restaurant managers, etc.

Oak Room April 19-22 Menu

This week the Oak Room moves into our restaurant concepts class. This means our menus are written and directed by a second-year student. Each week over the next 5 weeks our menu will change. The attached menu will be available to order from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm Monday to Thursday of this week. Availability of all items each day will be limited.

To place an order, stop in the Oak Room, which is just off the Muth Electric Commons. The food will be packaged to go and available for pickup in fifteen minutes or less. The Oak Room will be closed for seating, but you are welcome to sit in the commons. Any questions about the menu or the Oak Room email: [email protected]

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