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Six MTI Grads Selected as Siemens Technical Scholars

Washington, DC, September 24, 2018 – The Aspen Institute and the Siemens Foundation have named six students of Mitchell Technical Institute as 2018-2019 Siemens Technical Scholars. The prestigious Siemens Technical Scholars awards recognize an exceptional group of diverse students from across the country who demonstrates the rewarding careers and opportunities that result from completing excellent STEM programs. This cycle’s 44 Scholars will go on to serve as ambassadors for their programs and their respective fields.

The Siemens Technical Scholars are chosen by The Aspen Institute in partnership with the community colleges that win the Siemens-Aspen Community College STEM Award. The 43 programs honored since the awards launched in 2015 do an exceptional job launching students directly into technical careers with wages that enable them to support a family. These colleges partner with employers to offer students in-demand credentials and teach the necessary skills with rigor.

“In the digital economy, going to college and the American dream are more tightly linked than ever before,” said Barbara Humpton, CEO of Siemens USA and chair of the Siemens Foundation. “And in this unique moment, one of the smartest choices someone can make is to pursue technical education through a community college.”

Mitchell Technical Institute’s Power Line Construction & Maintenance program was awarded $25,000 to support scholarships for the following Siemens Technical Scholars, all 2018 graduates:

•     Nicholas Hoelzel, Hitchcock, SD

•     Cole Anderson, Chester, SD

•     Cody Harvey, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

•     Tucker Hohn, Mitchell, SD

•     Quintin Bradford, Eagle, WI

•     Isaac McAlister, Coon Rapids, IA

A flagship program for Mitchell Technical Institute, Power Line Construction & Maintenance program was honored for consistently high enrollment, retention, post-graduation earnings, and industry support throughout South Dakota and beyond. The program is rigorously guided by the power line industry and leaders maintain strong relationships with alumni. Among other strong practices, the program employs a diversity coach who addresses the challenges of students who are non-traditional in areas of gender, age, or ethnicity.


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