Veterans & Military

Mitchell Tech has a long and dedicated commitment to serving veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserve. Our small size allows us to forge personal and unique relationships with students and to assist them throughout their education and into their new career. Veterans will find support in many areas including academics, financial, and social.

Our Student Veterans Organization is active and involved in the school and community. And our programs lead to some of today’s most in-demand occupations like communications, energy, construction, health, agriculture, business and more.

Mitchell Tech also offers seven affordable, completely online programs, allowing you to enroll from anywhere in the world. Some of the country’s best hunting and fishing is only hours away, too.

Students who are members of the military, the National Guard or reserves who are activated and have attended classes for 75% of the semester during which they are called to active duty, will be allowed to receive the grade they have earned and given full credit for the class/course, providing it is a C or better.

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Mitchell Tech’s commitment to veterans and members of the Guard and Reserve has never been stronger. Veterans will find a welcoming atmosphere and a liberal transfer policy, making the transition to higher education as easy as possible.

Mitchell Tech will work with you throughout the admissions process via distance or during a visit to our all-new campus. Check us out and you will find a great place to spend time making the transition from military to civilian life.