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MTI FBM Instructor Elected President of State Association

Lori Christensen, new farm business management instructor for Mitchell Technical Institute, was recently elected President of the South Dakota Association of Agricultural Educators. Approximately one hundred secondary and post-secondary instructors are members of the state association.

The election was held at this year s state conference in Pierre, August 1st  4th. Over 80 Agriculture Educators from across the state attended the conference held in conjunction with the South Dakota Association Career and Technical Educators (SDACTE) conference.  While at the conference members were able to attend SDAAE and SDACTE and business meetings, workshops, and networking opportunities. 

Other agriculture instructors attending from Mitchell Technical Institute were Myron Sonne, Roger Carlson, Dave Koupal and Don Sutera, all instructors in the Agriculture Technology area.  The agriculture instructors were able to attend a tour of Morris Enterprises focusing on Ag Mechanics, structures and landscaping or the Ross Nielsen Ranch focusing on sustainable ag and the grass fed beef initiative. Some of the other workshops available for the ag teachers to attend were dealing with: CAERT, a curriculum resources and learning management system, building ag programs in large school systems, math and reading integration, capstone experiences, advanced science activities, marketing, and sustainable ag and the grass fed beef initiative.

Agriculture instructors and their families attended a SDACTE picnic and social hosted by SDAAE at Steamboat Park, the SDAAE Awards Banquet at the Isaak Walton League Lodge, and the SDACTE Awards Banquet at the Ramkota Convention Center. Roger DeRouchey and Calvin Pietz of the Farm Business Management Program and Loren Kasten, former agriculture instructor, also represented Mitchell Tech. at the awards banquet.

Myron Sonne and Dave Koupal served as retiring chair and incoming chair of the SDACTE resolutions committee, Lori Christensen served as a member of the SDACTE Audit Committee, and Don Sutera is a member of the South Dakota FFA Foundation and Career Development Committee.

Receiving recognition at the awards banquet were DeRouchey, Pietz and Christensen for the 30-Minute Club award, recognition for developing media coverage and Koupal was recognized for 10 years of SDAAE membership. Myron Sonne was recognized and his retirement was celebrated at the banquet as well.

Also attending the SDAAE Conference from Mitchell was Jeff Hoffman, agriculture instructor at Mitchell High School.


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