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MTI Equipment Supports Super Bowl Broadcast

MTI’s Satellite Communications program had a bit part in bringing the Super Bowl to the world on Sunday, February 7.  The program was able to provide two Tandberg high-definition encoders to one of the satellite service providers providing coverage of the most watched television event on the planet.  The encoders allow the broadcast signal to be digitally sent to a satellite for use all over the world.

The equipment was requested by MTI Satellite Communications alumnus Neal Mastel who worked at the Super Bowl for STS Satellite Broadcast Systems, a contractor for broadcasters worldwide.  Essentially, the MTI equipment was used to help send the game feed to Europe, Russia, Canada and Asia.

MTI has often provided uplink services when major news events have occurred or networks or other broadcast entities have needed satellite services in this region.  Partnerships with alumni like Mastel and global companies like STS help make MTI’s educational experience an even better one for students.


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