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MTI Amazes with Service Project


As part of our strategic plan community service project, MTI agreed to fully stock and pack 420 Weekend Snack Packs for Easter weekend, distributed to Mitchell students who need food items to take home on weekends.  Well, we raised enough money to fill the packs.  Then we raised enough to add a candy treat.  Then we raised enough to add cereal.  And finally, we have enough to make a substantial cash donation to the program, along with more than 400 cans of fruit for an upcoming pack (thanks to Ruthie Swartout and her students for that).

Students in the Accounting/Business Management program managed this project as a Supervisory Management assignment.  Under the guidance of Laura Miller, they did a wonderful job organizing, setting up, staffing the donation stations, and doing the “after work.”  We could not have accomplished as much without them.

Human Services students, along with the Supervisory Management students, will be packed and delivered the bags on Monday, March 21.  

It has been an honor to work with such a great group on this important project.  Mitchell is lucky to have this institution and benefits from your generosity.


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