Agricultural Education Management Tools - Corn

Below are three categories of tools available to use: Crop; Livestock; and Financial.
To access any tool, do the following:
  1. Click on one of the categories below:
    • The link will expand a window with all the tool options specific to the category you clicked on
    • Click on any tool to download it to your computer
    • Repeat for any other tool you wish to download

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    Business Management
    For information about our Farm Business Management Tools or the program, please contact us:

    Jared Hofer - Director
    800-684-1969 | 605-995-7196

    Will Walter - Assistant Director
    800-684-1969 | 605-995-7191

    David Koupal
    800-684-1969 | 605-995-7193

    Kathy Meland
    800-684-1969 | 605-995-7258

    Lori Tonak
    800-684-1969 | 605-995-7131

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