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Career Opportunities

  • Telephony Technician
  • Programmer
  • Cable Technician
  • Network Technician
  • Outside Plant Technician
  • Central Office Technician

Average Salary: $47,150

The median annual wage for career opportunities from this program, according to the US Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

100%* Job Placement Rate

The art and science of getting information from Point A to Point B, regardless of whether the information is voice, video or data, is known as Telecommunications. The Telecommunications program at Mitchell Technical Institute is designed to prepare students for the communications industry by teaching installation, operation and maintenance of communication systems using a full range of communication transport systems.

The program provides a thorough examination of state-of-the-art telecommunications technology, as well as a solid foundation in math, electronics and general education. The successful student in this program will demonstrate a variety of skills and abilities including visual color discrimination; finger and manual dexterity; customer and personal service skills; ability to install, operate, repair and maintain electronic equipment; documentation and recording of information; and communication with supervisors, peers and subordinates.

Students apply their basic knowledge of electronics, science and math by performing tests and troubleshooting equipment, working in field service or maintaining sophisticated electronic systems; T1 and DSL equipment; and residential connectivity and commercial telephone networking equipment.  Graduates will find employment opportunities all over the world.

Preparing a workforce to compete in this global marketplace is the exciting challenge for the telecommunications industry.  The Telecommunications program will give students the education and skills necessary to succeed in the high-tech world of telecom.

Students may elect to enroll in an optional one-year program following their Telecommunications degree.  Information Systems Technology is offered for a one-year diploma giving students more skills in information technology and data networking. 

Additional Info

*Placement data is gathered through graduate surveys, faculty-collected data, and phone surveys started after six months of graduation. In 2018, 16 of the 16 graduates responded to the survey.  Employment rate is figured by: (graduates employed)/(responding graduates who are seeking employment).

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