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Diesel Power - Ag Power Technology

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply safe, efficient and effective work practices in a manner compatible with OSHA and EPA requirements, as well as the agricultural equipment manufacture and repair industry expectations.
  • Demonstrate the effective use of internet based resources, industry repair manuals, service, and parts literature in the repair and maintenance of agricultural equipment, tractors, diesel engines, seeding equipment, combine harvesters, hydraulic and electronic equipment.
  • Demonstrate the industry standard application of selected specialized tools for maintenance, repair, diagnostic, and assembly of equipment.
  • Identify the functional relationship among tractor, combine, seeding tool, precision ag products, and diesel engine equipment components and systems.
  • Apply preventative maintenance concepts to tractor, combine and agricultural equipment care and storage.
  • Demonstrate basic diagnostic and repair concepts applied to selected tractor engine, combine engine, compact equipment engine, equipment power train and chassis systems. 
  • Demonstrate basic diagnostic and repair concepts applied to selected electrical components and systems of agricultural tractors, combines and equipment regardless of its manufacture.
  • Demonstrate basic diagnostic and repair concepts applied to selected hydraulic components and systems utilizing the ISO information and standards for procedures. 
  • Interact effectively by displaying flexibility, honesty, teamwork, respect, and sensitivity for customers. 
  • Communicate effectively through active listening, in oral, written, and electronic format with customers, coworkers, and supervisors.
  • Assume responsibility for continuing education requirements for new technologies and career advancement.

Check out the 2021-22 Annual Program Review for information on how this program assures that its students are attaining learning outcomes.

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