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Organizations increasingly recognize the need for professionals who possess the skills to function in the global economy and are ready to take on greater leadership and supervisory roles. Optimizing the leadership pipeline and closing the leadership gap depends on your organization’s ability to choose and prepare the best leaders for tomorrow.

The Mitchell Technical College Leadership Academy is a one-of-a-kind process specifically designed for building the character and competence of your developing leaders. Organizations define high-potential leaders who fit the profile for success within their businesses. The program blends professional instruction on Mitchell Technical College’s campus, followed by online distance education, and an intra-company mentored internship to foster leadership development within the participant’s organization. Those engaged in the process will draw upon their field experience and interaction with leaders from diverse organizations. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate in Leadership Studies.

Gain LEADERSHIP Knowledge & Skills.

Identify Personal Leadership Strengths & Vulnerabilities
  • Define purpose, cooperation and trust
  • Lead with strengths
  • Transition roles and responsibilities effectively
  • Utilize leadership assessments to identify and address gaps in leading self and team
Build Foundational Leadership Capacity
  • Establish the principles and core values of leadership
  • Explain ethical standards and professional responsibilities
  • Foster trust, transparency and teamwork
  • Develop and sustain relationships
  • Motivate, influence and empower self and others
  • Demonstrate agility to change in changing times
  • Recognize and manage toxic leadership and employees
  • Learn from failure
  • Manage stress
Build Foundational Business Competencies
  • Connect to vision; commit to goals; drive to execution
  • Resolve and manage conflict
  • Manage time effectively for personal productivity
  • Make decisions and solve problems
  • Develop customer and employee loyalty and engagement
  • Gain financial intelligence: personal, team, and organizational
  • Increase critical thinking skills
  • Grasp human resources basics to recruit and retain talent
Apply Leadership Capacity & Business Competencies
  • Deal with diversity in the workplace
  • Have the difficult conversations
  • Mentor and coach for growth and success
  • Utilize effective communication techniques
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Empower high performing teams
  • Develop a culture of accountability

Transform Through A Proven Process.

If a leader is going to stumble on the climb up the leadership ladder, they’re most likely to slip when transitioning into their new role. The Leadership Academy will provide the mindset, skill set, and toolset to help leaders rapidly and smoothly close the leadership gaps through a proven behavior-change process.

Business & Industry Commitments
  • Participant Time Commitment
    Onsite direct instruction, online application and instruction, time to learn and apply with mentor at organization
  • Mentor Time Commitment
    Full day each semester at Mitchell Technical College; application and interaction with mentee at organization
  • Costs Related to Participating
    $6,500 per participant, plus travel, lodging and meals
Return on Investment

Develop a competitive advantage in your organization by building a pipeline of talent.

  • Improved understanding of organizational goals, business drivers and processes
  • Direct application of leadership and business principles, behaviors, and techniques within the organization
  • Networking, relationship building and sharing of best practices among peer organizations
  • Extended knowledge and increased confidence to meet the leadership challenges of the organization
  • Earn a ‘Certificate in Leadership’, including 30 college credits
A Strong Connection to Industry

An advisory board of experienced professionals from many fields will continue to provide program guidance.

The Leadership Academy is constantly reevaluating to meet the changing demands placed upon leaders and organizations in today’s climate of rapid change.

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Award: Certificate in Leadership

First Semester
LDR200Fundamentals of Leadership5 credits
LDR207Resilient Leadership5 credits
LDR214Talent Management5 credits
Total Semester Hours15 credits
Second Semester
LDR215Ethical Leadership5 credits
LDR223Crisis Management5 credits
LDR230Leadership Coaching and Mentoring5 credits
Total Semester Hours15 credits


Graduates of the Mitchell Technical College Leadership Academy will be able to:

  • Differentiate leadership strengths and vulnerabilities in the workplace
  • Apply foundational people leadership skills
  • Apply foundational organizational leadership skills
Annual Program Review

Check out the 2023-24 Annual Program Review for information on how faculty ensure the quality and effectiveness of the program.


per participant, plus travel, lodging, and meals*
$ 4000

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