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Award: AAS Degree

The Entrepreneurship program consists of courses designed to develop strategic thinking and planning, professional selling, leadership, and project management. Students will be equipped with the necessary skillset and mindset to launch a business or manage an existing technical business. The curriculum is focused on real-world applications and skills.

First Semester

ENTR 200 Strategic Thinking 3 credits
ENTR 205 Business Model Development 3 credits
ENTR 210 How to Build a Startup 3 credits
ENTR 215 Professional Selling 3 credits
LDR 201 Principles of Leadership 3 credits
LDR 206 Leadership Development 3 credits
Total Semester Hours 18 credits

Second Semester

ENTR 225 Business Plan Development 3 credits
ENTR 230 Market Analysis 3 credits
ENTR 235 Advisory Boards 3 credits
ENTR 240 Customer Development 3 credits
LDR 221 Project Management 3 credits
LDR 226 Strategic Leadership and Planning 3 credits
Total Semester Hours 18 credits
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