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Professional Truck Driving

Training Outline

PTD 100 Permit Prep 1 credit
PTD 104 Vehicle Control Systems 1 credit
PTD 106 Vehicle in Motion 2 credits
PTD 108 Entry Level Driver Basics 2 credits
PTD 112 Trip Planning 2 credits
PTD 116 Extreme Driving Conditions 1 credit
PTD 118 ROAD DRIVING 3 credits
PTD 190 INTERNSHIP 6 credits

When you enroll in the Professional Truck Driving program at MTI, you will spend eight weeks in a learning environment before enrolling in an eight-week over-the-road internship.

All courses are offered through MTI’s Advanced Technical Education division and students successfully completing this training will be issued a “Certificate of Completion”.

Throughout the classroom portion of the program, students will have access to MTI’s state-of-the-art mobile simulator, as well as truck driving instruction by highly qualified driving instructors.

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