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Job Details

Post Date10/23/2020
Job TypeInternship
Positions Available1
Company NameWilliams Hay & Cattle
Address29834 447 th ave

Williams Hay & Cattle Internship Spring 2021 (January 4 - May 15, 2021)

Intern will gain working knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Livestock
    • Feedlot operation:  taking 500+ steers/heifers from 700-pounds to 2500-pounds
      • Nutrition
      • Health/Vet Science
      • Animal welfare
      • Marketing
      • Cost value analysis/ROI
    • Cow/Calf
      • Health/nutrition/vet science
      • Care of cows/ calves
  • Crops – Alfalfa, corn soybeans, other as necessary:
    • Planning/Planting/Field work?
    • Harvesting
    • Hay - cutting, curing, baling, testing, storage (square/round), marketing, delivering
  • ?Equipment:
    • Operating - intern will use a variety of farm equipment, general knowledge required (specifics will be taught) tractors, loaders, skid steer, swather, rake, baler, semi (DOE)
    • General maintenance
  • Business Management:
    • Business associates – land rental, land management
    • Business resources  - professional resources for successful operation to include banking, nutritionist, agronomy, vet science, risk management, work-sharing
  • Community Involvement:  Township Board, County Planning & Zoning Commission, Families Feeding Families – AGvocacy!  Attendance at some meetings with owner required.

Position Details


Intern must have:

  • Clean driving record, ability to pass a drug test, dress appropriately for outdoor farm work, cell phone
  • Ability to operate farm equipment (will train for specific make/model)
  • Ability to lift/carry 50 pounds, throw straps over loaded trucks, work with livestock
  • Ability to work hours necessary to get the job done (this is not 9-5, M-F), some evenings and weekends are required.
  • Ability to put academic theory into practice.
  • 2.5 GPA


$10- $15 per hour depending on experience


One meal per day while working.  


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Williams Hay & Cattle Internship Spring 2021 (January 4 - May 15, 2021)