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Job Search Tips

If you are in a career that will likely contain a lot of competition for the available jobs, you will need to be even better prepared to sell yourself. What can you do to make yourself more marketable and stand out from the crowd of candidates?  First, you must realize that landing a job is your responsibility, not someone else’s. You must prepare and sell yourself!

Here's a helpful website with lots of great tips and tricks for landing that first, great job: The Simple Dollar.


The most important job search rule is: Don’t wait until the job is open! Most jobs are filled by someone the employer meets before a job is formally “open”.

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Being Prepared

Cover letters and resumes are, of course, extremely important to the job search process, as they are the tools that get you a face-to-face interview with a potential employer.

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FAQs During An Interview

We all know that the greatest anxiety about a job interview is “What will they ask me?”, or “What if I can’t answer a question or my answer is not well thought out?”

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Questions to Ask Employers

An interview is a two-way communication. You must ask questions to learn what you need to make an educated decision about whether you are comfortable with the company and the position.

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