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As a service to Mitchell Tech students and graduates, we have collected a dynamic group of helpful resources. Use this section to access job websites, regional newspaper classified sections, job search information and how-tos, and data on Mitchell Tech graduates. Take a look around and see what you can find to help you make the most of your job search experience.

Mitchell Tech Career Services Disclaimer Statement

Today’s economy looks different than just a year or two ago. For the past few years, Mitchell Technical College graduates have been riding on the shirttails of a booming economy. Even today, the job outlook for upcoming graduates looks promising . . . but, the fact still remains, in either a shaky economy or in a booming economy, finding a job may require as much time and energy as working at a job once you have one.

It’s true: opportunities are not always plentiful. Even if you are in high-demand career, the job is not yours for the asking. You will have to measure up to an employer’s image of the perfect candidate. Even when employers are desperate to fill positions, they will not sacrifice their standards or hire someone they feel is not the candidate they expect to find. You must prepare yourself for the job search!

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