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Radiation Therapy

Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Students will demonstrate competency in the clinical setting.

  • Students will demonstrate competency in simulation.
  • Students will demonstrate competency in treatment delivery.
  • Students demonstrate principles of radiation protection.

Goal 2: Students will think critically.

  • Students demonstrate good judgment and decision-making in the clinical setting.
  • Students recognize discrepancies and develop solutions to clinical situations.

Goal 3: Students will communicate effectively.

  • Students demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  • Students demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

Goal 4: Students will demonstrate professional attitudes, behaviors, growth and ethics.

  • Students conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Students work effectively with supervisory personnel.
  • Students participate in a minimum of one local, state, or national seminar.

Goal 5: The graduates will become registered radiation therapists employed in their field.

  • Graduates will pass the ARRT exam.
  • Graduates will perform as entry level therapists.
  • Graduates seeking employment will find employment within 12 months of graduation. 
  • Students will complete the program.

Check out the 2021-22 Annual Program Review for information on how this program assures that its students are attaining learning outcomes.

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