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Automation Engineering Technology

Award: AAS Degree

First Semester (Fall)

WMT 201 Quality & Productivity Improvement 2 credits
WMT 230 Welding Robotic Lab 3 credits
WMT 231 Manual Machining Lab 3 credits
WMT 240 Manuf Programming & Installation 3 credits
SSS 100 Student Success 1 credit
Total Semester Hours 12 credits

Second Semester (Spring)

WMT 250 Laser Cutting Technology 3 credits
WMT 251 CNC Machining Station Lab 3 credits
WMT 260 Advanced Machining 4 credits
CPR 100 First Aid, CPR AED 0.5 credit
Total Semester Hours 10.5 credits

Third Semester (Fall)

EC 105 Data Cabling 3 credits
IST 230 Data Visualization 3 credits
SD 225 Intro To SCADA Software 4 credits
SD 229 Networking Concepts I 3 credits
SD 259 Adv Programmable Logic Controllers 3 credits
Total Semester Hours 16 credits

Fourth Semester (Spring)

SD 205 Process Controls 3 credits
SD 239 Advanced Industrial Networking 3 credits
SD 270 SCADA Testing Control Lab 7 credits
SSS 200 Career Readiness 1 credit
Total Semester Hours 14 credits

In addition to the technical courses required in the program, the student seeking an AAS degree must also complete:

Computer Elective

Math Elective

Communications Elective

Behavioral Science Elective

Social Science Elective

OSHA Training

Total Credits Required to Graduate: 68.5

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