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Electrical Registered Apprenticeship

Mitchell Technical Institute is pleased to introduce the Electrical Registered Apprenticeship training program offered through the division of Advanced Technical Education. This registered apprentice program will allow MTI graduates to pursue Journeyworker status within their electrical career, framed within a formalized, recognizable structure.  

Completers of the program are awarded a Journeyworker certificate from the US Department of Labor and an Apprentice Graduate Certificate from Mitchell Technical Institute.  

As a recognized sponsor, MTI is able to provide the curriculum necessary for apprentices to reach Journeyworker electrician status, track and report their hours within the required work processes and, if needed, train them on campus for specific skills.

Students are considered registered as an apprentice upon entering the full time Electrical Construction and Maintenance program at MTI.

The courses they complete during their two years of enrollment will allow them to graduate from the program with 2,000 hours toward the required 8,000 hours needed to be a licensed electrician.  

When students enroll in the Electrical Registered Apprenticeship program. they will need to complete 6,000 additional hours (approximately three years) of industry work and the required hourse of classroom training outlined below.

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