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Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco Policies

Alcohol is prohibited in all campus facilities and at all MTI-sponsored events, except as noted in MTI Policy 1143. It is the policy of Mitchell Technical Institute that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, use, or being under the influence of a controlled substance on property of MTI or while a student of MTI is engaged in an activity assigned as part of his/her involvement with MTI is prohibited unless said controlled substance is used as prescribed by a doctor. Financial aid may be affected if violations occur. MTI Policy 1035 addresses prevention and intervention procedures that MTI will follow as it fulfills its obligation to promote healthy living and help those abusing alcohol and/or drugs. 

MTI is a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus. Smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of entrances.  Smoking and tobacco use areas are designated and are in proximity to each building on campus.  Prohibited products include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing products, e-cigarettes and any other tobacco or tobacco-related product.

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