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Mitchell Technical Institute has in place an ongoing, institution-wide process of planning and outcomes assessment for the purpose of continuous improvement and to provide evidence that the institute is effectively achieving its mission to provide our graduates with skills for success in technical careers.  At the institutional, program, and course level, we have identified meaningful outcomes for student learning and we are assessing and using the data to improve what we do and how we do it.  We believe our process, which is guided by a faculty-supported assessment committee, will assist Mitchell Tech to more fully achieve our mission.

Annual Assessment Summaries

Each program completed the annual assessment review during the fall semester. Program outcomes and assessment reports can be found on the programs' individual web pages.

Institutional Effectiveness

MTI has identified six institutional learning outcomes that prepare students, regardless of their program of study, to become productive members of the work force and lifelong learners ready to grow within their chosen professions.  Graduates of Mitchell Technical Institute will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively through both oral and written means
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude and work ethic
  • Apply reasoning and critical thinking to solve problems and seek information
  • Work cooperatively in a team environment
  • Use computer technology within a field of study
  • Apply technical skills required of an entry-level technician in a chosen field

These outcomes are assessed both directly and indirectly. A set of rubrics tied to our learning outcomes are used by instructors throughout the year to assess student achievement and to provide feedback to the institution, as well as to the students themselves.  The assessment committee analyzes the rubrics data to set goals for the institution. This year we are focusing on WORK ETHIC in an effort to raise achievement in this important outcome.

Other, less direct measures of institutional effectiveness are provided by surveys of our stakeholders, such as students, parents, and employers. The survey results are used for institutional and program planning and improvement efforts.

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