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Photo of two students studying at a table in the Mitchell Tech Center for Student Success.

By visiting this page, you are on your way to making an important decision that will positively impact your education!  A tutor can help you better understand your course material and provide that little something extra to help you be the best student possible.

How can tutoring help?

A tutor can:

  • Work with students to break down information and increase understanding
  • Practice difficult concepts or skills with students
  • Help students prepare for exams
  • Proofread papers and offer suggestions for revisions.

What WON’T a tutor do?

A tutor won’t:

  • Rewrite papers
  • Do the work
  • Pass the class
  • Help with take home tests.  If you need help reading tests, see Mateya Berg in The Center for Student Success (CSS).

To request a tutor:

  • Complete the form, including your schedule of availability.  (This is not when you have to show up for tutoring – it is only used to match you with a tutor who has a similar schedule – please mark all times you would be able to meet.)
  • Check your Campus email for your tutor assignment and/or correspondence from The Center for Student Success.

To learn more about tutoring services please contact:

  • Danita Lucas

    Senior Student Success Coach


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