Upskill Programs at Mitchell Tech

Certificate Programs

South Dakota’s four technical colleges have developed several, primarily 18-credit, online-only certificate programs offered in a variety of high-demand career fields. A new credential opens the door to a new career path, advancement in your current field, or continued education—and you may be able to get it for little or no cost. The South Dakota Board of Technical Education and Department of Labor and Regulation have developed South Dakota UpSkill in response to the workforce challenges.

UpSkill programs are available for people who have obstacles to overcome to secure employment. Eligibility criteria vary and can include: being laid off from a job, being low income, or having a disability. Take the next step to succeed in today’s strong economy.

There are UpSkill certificates available online, in-person, and in hybrid formats. The certificates are designed to be completed by Spring 2022.

For more information, including how to apply for this special program, call Admissions at 605.995.3025 or email

Eligible Programs at Mitchell Tech

All UpSkill certificate programs will be completed online and in less than one year. 

  • Dietary Management
  • Medical Information


Applications are being accepted now and online course instruction begins in January 10, 2022. Students can expect to earn their certificates by May 2022.


After someone applies and is accepted by the technical college, they will work with a DLR staff member to confirm eligibility for UpSkill financial assistance.

Participants must be authorized to work in the United States, reside in South Dakota, and must score a 235 or higher on the ACCUPLACER® as determined by the technical college.

DLR will determine eligibility in alignment with the following:

  • Eligibility as identified in Occupational Skill Training Policy 5.27
  • Categories 1-6 in the Priority of Services Chart in Eligibility and Priority of Service Policy 4.1 have been expanded to include:
    • Single Parent
    • Long Term Unemployed
    • Native American/Hawaiian Native/Alaska Native
    • 55 and older
    • Homeless
    • Substance Abuse
    • Underemployed
    • Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker
    • English Language Learners
    • Within two years of exhausting TANF
    • Veterans and Eligible Spouses who are NOT included in the priority groups 1 or 3
    • Displaced Homemaker (Displaced Homemaker will be served under the Dislocated Worker Program)    
  • WIOA Title I Dislocated Worker
  • WIOA Title I National Dislocated Worker
  • WIOA Title I Youth
  • Household within 200% poverty level with children under the age of 18.


The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation and the South Dakota Board of Technical Education will cover costs, plus textbooks and supplies, for eligible students. 

Application Process

  1. Apply

    Complete the Mitchell Tech application. Application deadline is December 30, 2021.
  2. Verify

    Once the application is submitted, an Admissions Representative will be in contact to verify the request, UpSkill funding, and schedule your ACCUPLACER enterance exam. The test is free to Mitchell Tech applicants.  The Admissions Office will send your name and contact information to the DLR office to start the UpSkill eligibility paperwork.

  3. Official Schedule

    Then, the Admissions Office will complete the registration request and send you an official schedule.

  4. DLR Determines Eligibility

    DLR will determine if you are eligible for funding, and communicate this with Mitchell Tech. 

  5. Billing Agreement

    Last, you and DLR will complete billing arrangements with the Mitchell Tech Business Office.