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Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
One in six Americans has a communication disorder. These disorders affect infants, children, adults and the elderly. A communication disorder may affect a person’s ability to pronounce sounds intelligibly, to understand what is being said, to process and remember spoken information, to use appropriate vocabulary and grammar, to speak fluently without stuttering, or to use his or her voice appropriately. Accidents, illnesses, birth defects and substance abuse can all contribute to communication disorders. These disorders isolate people from their friends, family and the community and limit job and educational opportunities. Speech-Language Pathology Assistants help these individuals to recover their ability to speak, understand and interact with others.

Graduates of the SLPA program will serve as support personnel to perform tasks prescribed, directed and supervised by certified speech-language pathologists.

When you enroll in the SPLA program at MTI, you spend two years (four semesters) in the program.  Classes encompass a variety of areas like speech development, phonetics, voice and diction, communication disorders, child development, alternative communication, clinical management and much more.

The program culminates in a clinical fieldwork experience allowing you to work in an education environment under the direction of a speech-language pathologist.


At the conclusion of the program, you will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree and you will be prepared to:

  • Assist the speech-language pathologist with speech-language and hearing screenings
  • Assist with informal documentation as directed by the speech-language pathologist
  • Follow documented treatment plans or protocols developed by the supervising speech-language pathologist
  • Document client performance (e.g., tallying data for the speech-language pathologist to use; preparing charts, records, and graphs) and report this information to the supervising speech-language pathologist
  • Assist the speech-language pathologist during assessment of clients
  • Assist with clerical duties such as preparing materials and scheduling activities as directed by the speech-language pathologist
  • Perform checks and maintenance of equipment
  • Assist with departmental operations (scheduling, record keeping, safety/ maintenance of supplies and equipment)
  • Exhibit compliance with regulations, reimbursement requirements, and speech-language pathologist assistants' responsibilities*
* Taken from “Job Responsibilities for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants” outlined by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Task Force on Support Personnel.

Admission Requirement: All students applying to the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant program must complete a criminal background check at the student’s expense. Details are available from the Admissions office. Please click on the blue button below to begin the process.
Student Background Check

Students are required to have good reading, writing, hearing and communication (verbal, written and articulation) skills in order to competently perform the job of a speech-language pathology assistant and to gain successful employment.  Students must possess the motor skills necessary to manage clients and manipulate therapy materials in home and school environments.   Applicants must have minimum scores on the English and Reading portions of the ACT or AccuPlacer.
Additional requirements may have to be met before entrance to fieldwork sites.  See the Instructor for details.

Program Graduation Requirement: It is the goal of this program to prepare competent entry-level speech-language pathology assistants. To achieve that goal, students must earn a grade of C (2.0) or higher in all technical courses as a prerequisite to SLPA 240 Clinical Fieldwork. Students must earn a grade of C (2.0) or higher in their clinical fieldwork in order to graduate.

Note: Students in this program are required use an iPad. The student must purchase the device at his/her own expense and bring to use in classes.  Specific software apps will also be required.  Information about required apps will be provided as part of each course syllabus.  Students must also bring their own laptop, which must meet MTI specifications, or may purchase one from MTI.

For more information, contact the MTI Admissions office at (800) 684-1969 or apply online.

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Supervision of SLPA Forms:
Direct Observation Follow-Up Contract
Direct Observation Skills Brief

    Checklist Education Setting
Individual Learning Plan

Job Description Template

Skills Proficiency Checklist

SLPA Lesson Plan

SLPA Site Orientation Checklist

SLPA Self Evaluation

SLPA Weekly Activity Log

SLPA Weekly Activity Record

Supervisor Log of Direct and Indirect

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

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