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Propane & Natural Gas Technologies
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Gas Technician
Propane Delivery & Service
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Average Salary
According to the US Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for career opportunities from this program is:
Propane & Natural Gas Technologies
The Propane & Natural Gas Technologies program emphasizes skills needed to install, maintain, operate and repair gas distribution systems and equipment for residential, commercial and industrial customers.  Students also learn to maintain and repair appliances used by residential and commercial customers.

In the propane industry there is an abundance of opportunities in both managerial and service divisions.  Graduates may also be employed in the construction industry, which contracts with public utilities and/or municipalities to install and maintain gas service.

Students who wish to obtain an AAS degree in Utilities Technology may complete this curriculum, the Power Line Construction and Maintenance curriculum and an additional three credits of general education.

Students who wish to obtain a specialized combination degree may complete courses in the Propane & Natural Gas Technology program and selected courses in the Heating and Cooling Technology program. Check with the Admissions office for details.

Students are expected to conform to MTI’s Drug Testing Policy while enrolled in the Commercial Driving course.  See the Student Handbook for details. Any student who enrolls in Commercial Driver training must obtain a South Dakota driver’s license in order to complete the CDL training course. A Class A CDL is a graduation requirement for this program.  See the Course Description for TRAN 100 for a full explanation.

Please Note:  Students planning to obtain an AAS degree in Utilities Technology MUST complete the CDL requirement during their first year of enrollment.

Note: MTI recommends that applicants in the Propane & Natural Gas Technologies program obtain a physical examination for their safety and protection.

A special note about laptop computers:


This program requires a laptop computer so that you can effectively integrate computing skills with your technical education. Many resources that instructors assign are online or require specialty software. To address these needs, MTI requires that students entering this program purchase their laptops from MTI. The cost for an MTI laptop averages about $1000. Please be aware that our machines come fully loaded with the software required for this program. 

Whether it's Microsoft Office, or a specialty software for a technical program, your needs will be met by your MTI laptop.  And our laptops are serviced for free by our Technology office. You will not be able to bring a laptop from home into an MTI laptop program as we cannot provide support services for every make and model of laptop. Please consider this carefully before making any laptop purchase and check with the Admissions office for more details.

Gainful Employment Program
Gainful employment programs are those "that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation." Public institutions are required to disclose certain information for all programs that are Title IV eligible and that lead to certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates or specialist awards. Degree programs at all levels are not considered to be gainful employment programs.

Click here to view the disclosure document for Propane and Natural Gas Technologies at MTI.

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