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Fall 2014 Course Schedule

Dual-Credit Classes
Earn credit at Mitchell Technical Institute while still in high school through our dual-credit classes!

Mitchell Technical Institute allows high school students to enroll in selected online classes providing you with the opportunity to earn credit at MTI and at your local high school when approved by your school district.


Classes are offered at a reduced rate of $40/credit hour making this an affordable option to get started on your after-school career plans while you are still in high school. 


What are the benefits for students taking dual-credit classes?

-       Enhances ability and skills to do college work and aids student in gaining confidence for post-secondary success

-       Allows student to experience the rigor and challenge of post-secondary classes while still in high school

-       Provides relevance to students allowing them to study areas of career interest


Details and registration instructions are listed below.

Mitchell Technical Institute 2014-2015 Important Dates Printable PDF

Courses Available

Click here to download a list of MTI dual-credit classes to be offered during the 2014-15 school year.

Registration and Course Payment

  • Your first step should be to review the available MTI dual-credit classes and discuss with your high school counselor whether an MTI class and dual-credit is a good option for you. Consider how the class fits your personal leaning plan and your education plans after high school graduation.
  • Once you decide to register; download, complete, and return the MTI Dual-credit Enrollment Application form. The form must be signed and your enrollment approved by a school administrator. Class enrollments are limited for dual-credit students and some classes reach capacity quickly, so early registration is encouraged.
  • After your registration has been processed, you will be mailed a course schedule and invoice. The schedule indicates your registered class(es), and the invoice indicates the amount due for payment. You may drop a class within the first 10 class days of the MTI academic calendar without being charged and without receiving a grade. Contact John Heemstra to drop a class.
  • The cost of MTI dual-credit classes is $40/credit hour (3-credit class cost is $120)
  • Payment for your class is due to MTI by September 30 for fall semester, and by January 30 for spring semester. If your school district is paying for your class, provide a copy of the invoice to your high school principal. Payment may be made by check (include your student ID# on check) or call the MTI business office 995-3022 to pay by credit/ debit card.

MTI Email/Log In

Students will be provided an MTI userID and password to access MTI email and MyMTI, the online course management software.


Grades for dual-credit classes will be provided to the student’s local school district. Grades will also be recorded on an MTI Transcript. Official transcripts may be requested for a fee in-accordance with MTI procedures outlined at Students may print an unofficial transcript from MyMTI.


  • Students are responsible to obtain their own textbooks prior to the first day of class. It is recommended that students first check with your local school district to determine if your district will arrange purchase of the textbook.
  • Information on required textbooks is available through the MTI website at or contact the MTI Bookstore at (605) 995-3019.
  • Students enrolling in CIS 105, Complete Computer Concepts must have MS Office 2013 software. A student version of MS Office 2013 software is available at a reduced cost (approximately $25) for purchase from the MTI bookstore.
  • A Windows-based laptop is required for all students taking an on-campus dual enrollment course. Mitchell Tech provides internet access for all students. In addition, you will be able to print anywhere on campus with your Mitchell Tech ID.


Dual-credit classes taken from MTI may or may not be accepted for transfer credit at other colleges or universities. Most MTI classes are not accepted for transfer credit at SD Board of Regent Universities. Other colleges or technical institutes may accept MTI classes for transfer credit and if a student intends to apply for transfer credit at another institution, it is recommended they first check with the Registrar at that school to determine transferability prior to enrolling in the MTI class.

YouTube Videos

MTI online classes may contain instructional videos that are accessed through YouTube. If YouTube is blocked at your school, students will need to coordinate access through your district Technology Coordinator or arrange access to view YouTube videos outside of school.

Online Orientation

Students enrolled in online classes must complete the complete the MTI Online orientation. This brief orientation will familiarize students with the features and use of “MyMTI” the MTI online learning management system. Students who have not completed the MTI Online Orientation by the add/drop date (10 class days after the start of the semester) will be administratively dropped from their classes.

Other Requirements/Considerations

  • Students enrolling in EC167, IT Essentials, will be required to come to the MTI campus for completion of a final hands-on lab test at the end of the semester.
  • Students registered for dual-credit classes will not be eligible to “test-out” of the class.
  • Completing credits through the dual-enrollment program at MTI may affect your full-time status while attending MTI.
  • Courses are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.

Courses are available from a variety of MTI programs. Download Dual-credit Course Schedule or Dual-credit Course Descriptions here.

Want to learn more?  Email John Heemstra, MTI Outreach Coordinator or call (605) 995-7204.

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