Internships: What You Need to Know
An internship is a requirement for graduation at MTI in specific programs. An internship is a carefully monitored work or service experience where you will develop specific learning goals and reflect on what you have learned throughout the experience. Like any other class, you will register for an internship, and pay tuition and fees. You will receive a grade for it on your transcript.

How does it work?
  • Duration of anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the program credit requirement. Internship lengths are specifically outlined in the MTI catalog.  
  • Generally occurs at the conclusion of completing all required classroom courses, near the end of a semester or during the summer.  You must successfully complete a minimum of two semesters of a program to be eligible.
  • May be part-time or full-time.
  • May be paid or non-paid.   
  • Component of an educational program and is monitored and evaluated for academic credit.
  • An intentional “learning agenda” is structured into the experience.
  • Includes learning objectives, observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment.
  • Establishes a reasonable balance between your learning goals and the specific work performed at an organization.
  • Promotes academic, career and personal development.
  • Offered for credit so tuition and fees are charged by MTI.
Your Role & Responsibility
You are encouraged and expected to begin the exploration of internship opportunities during the semester prior to your internship experience and to discuss the possibilities with a potential supervisor. An application must be completed before mid-term of the semester prior to the expected internship experience. The goal is to secure an environment that will provide a quality internship experience for all parties involved.
As a student, you have a crucial part to play in ensuring the success of your internship, and you must be prepared to be proactive and use your initiative to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Benefits of an Internship
  • Work alongside a professional in the industry gaining new skills and adding to knowledge base
  • Learn to apply the skills you learned through MTI coursework
  • Practice communication and teamwork skills
  • Show initiative, reliability and a sense of responsibility
  • Build confidence in your abilities
  • Determine if this is an appropriate career for you
  • Find out how to prepare for a career in a specific field
  • Develop a network of professional contacts for future opportunities
  • Make a valuable addition to resume and establish professional references
  • Open the door to a job offer or a recommendation for the next step to take on your career path!
How Do I Get an Internship
How do I apply?
  1. Good planning and early preparation for an internship is recommended, as some opportunities are very competitive.  Use the Internet, direct contact with a company, talk to your instructors, attend the MTI Job Fair, be creative!
  2. Complete an internship application available from a program instructor once your opportunity has been identified.  Return the completed application to the Program Internship Coordinator.  
  3. Write a cover letter and resume to be sent to your prospective supervisor. You might even have an interview. Be sure that you and your supervisor agree on the kind of work you will be doing and the number of hours you will need to commit.
  4. Inform the Program Internship Coordinator when ready to accept an offer. Formal approval will need to be made by MTI’s Program Internship Coordinator.
  5. Your Program Internship Coordinator and Site Supervisor will identify industry-specific learning objectives and outcomes.  
  6. A formal Internship Training Agreement will be finalized and signed between MTI and the Company.  
  7. After the Internship Training Agreement is signed by all required individuals, you must register for the internship course by completing a Course Registration form available in the Registrar’s office.
  8. Review and sign the internship learning objectives and outcomes and standards of conduct statements.
  9. During the internship, regular communication between you, your supervisor and MTI’s Program Internship Coordinator will occur.  
  10. At the conclusion of the internship, you and your supervisor will each complete an evaluation.  A final grade will be awarded when all required paperwork is turned in to the Program Internship Coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is eligible for an internship at MTI?
A full-time, degree-seeking student at MTI who:
  • has met all academic prerequisites.
  • has their own transportation and housing arrangements.
  • understands that an internship is a class; tuition and fee charges apply to internship credits.  
  • has paid for all credits earned or the internship will be canceled. (A student not completing a required internship will result in student not meeting requirements to graduate.)
  • meets any additional requirements set by the department for internship application eligibility.
Which MTI programs require internships?
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Architectural Design & Building Construction
  • Culinary Academy
  • Farm Power Technology
  • Heating & Cooling Technology
  • Information Systems Technology
  • Medical Office Professional
  • Power Sports Technology
  • Precision Technology Specialist
  • Satellite Communications
  • Telecommunications

Some programs have optional internships.  These programs include:

  • Accounting/Business Management/Promotions and Sales

    Most medical programs require clinical experiences.  Separate requirements, procedures, guidelines and responsibilities exist for these programs.  Your program instructors will provide the necessary handbooks and required paperwork.  
    • Medical Laboratory Technology
    • Medical Assistant
    • Radiologic Technology
    • Radiation Therapy
    • Speech-Language Pathology Assistant