Carpool Listing
 Area Carpooling
Students traveling from around the Mitchell area are encouraged to save money by carpooling whenever possible. If you are interested in finding fellow students in your area, please fill out the form below. Listings will be removed at the end of the corresponding semester (Fall - December, Spring - May) so please remember to relist every semester if you are still looking for other riders/drivers. To edit or remove your listing before the end of the semester please contact Julie Hart Schutte at 605-995-7135. We are requiring home phone number and requesting cell phone number to contact you for more information if needed. The only contact form to be listed publicly would be your email address.

Mitchell Technical Institute will be gathering and posting the persons interested in carpooling in this same area of the website. It is the responsibility of the individual interested in carpooling to check the posted list, contact the person(s) that might be a good fit for carpooling and arrange a carpool schedule.

Individuals Interested in Carpooling for the Fall 2014 Semester:

 Student  Area Traveling From    
 Email Address
 Steven Readicker  Mitchell
 Information Systems Technology
 [email protected]

To be added to the carpool list, please complete this form:

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Cell Phone:
City/Area Driving from: * 
The intent of this form is to provide a means for commuters at MTI to make carpool arrangements. MTI is not responsible for the actual coordination and the meeting of individuals for carpooling. It is the responsibility of any driver to conform to all state laws and regulations including automobile safety and liability insurance coverage. Any condition that arises from the carpool (such as, but not limited to unfit vehicles, people not paying for gas if that was the arrangement, people not showing up on time, accidents due to vehicle negligence, etc.) are the responsibility of the participants and not of MTI.