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One of your biggest concerns might be “How am I going to pay for school?” Our experienced, helpful staff can guide you to many sources of financial aid. Some students qualify for grants. Many can receive loans with a variety of repayment options. Scholarships are also a possibility. And you might even pick up a workstudy job on campus. Whatever your situation . . . traditional, nontraditional, veteran, single parent . . . we will help you navigate your financial options.

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Code of Conduct
Mitchell Technical Institute adheres to and has these practices enacted:
  • Ban on revenue-sharing
  • Gift ban
  • Prohibited contracting arrangements
  • Prohibited assignment of lender to first-time borrower
  • Prohibited refusal to certify or delay of certification based upon choice of lender
  • Prohibition on offers of funds for private loans
  • Ban on staffing assistance
  • Prohibition on receipt of compensation for advisory board service
FEDERAL DIRECT STUDENT LOAN PROGRAMThe U.S Department of Education has created a great website for students and parents to go to for loans and other Financial Aid Processes. It is not only for students doing loans while in school, but you can also get a PIN number and go to the FAFSA website from here. You will need your PIN to access many of the areas of the website. It will also help you manage your student loan payments after you graduate and go into repayment. CLICK HERE LAUNCH TO STUDENTLOANS.GOV.

To qualify for federal financial aid (and some scholarships), you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
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Need some help filling out the application? Click here for a friendly tutorial on the "how-to".

VETERANS BENEFITS – STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTAInformation and forms can be found at the South Dakota Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Website.

Morgan Huber
Director of Financial Aid and School Certifying Official
Mitchell Technical Institute
1800 East Spruce Street

Contact Financial Aid
For any questions about financial aid, please contact the MTI Financial Aid Office:

(605) 995-3052
fax: (605) 995-3067
[email protected]

Or email a financial aid representative directly:

Morgan Huber
Director of Financial Aid
School Certifying Official

Carmen Neugebauer
Financial Aid Specialist

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